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08 August 2007 @ 12:43 am
FIC: Switched Chapter 3  
Title: Switched
Author: HSMTroypay07(that's my FF.net ID)
Pairing: Troy/Ryan, Sharpay/Gabriella
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: Fiction Rated: T
Summary: Ever wonder what High School Musical would have been like if Troy and
Ryan switched places?   What if Ryan was the star basketball player and Troy was
in Drama?  This is a slash pairing story.  Meaning mm and slight ff.  Read at
your own will.  Enjoy!


Chapter 3


The rest of the day passed slowly for everyone. Monday's were always the worst. Only, this Monday, this same old Monday was different. Troy knew something was up when the end of the day bell rang and he made it to his locker without being cornered by any of those basketball jerks bothering him. He wondered of this had something to do with what Sharpay and her brother had been talking about this morning. He figured he would just ask her when they met up in the auditorium.

The more Troy thought about it, the more he wondered why Ryan would call his friends off. For almost a years now, they would be waiting for him at his locker. Always taunting him, making fun of him and, as they would say, beat the gay out of him. Even though Troy had never officially came out to anyone, except Sharpay, everyone at East High would act as though his gayness, as they all called it, was something they could catch. No one would talk to him in the halls, or in his classes, and the worst part was that all of his teachers acted as if nothing ever happened. The only person who cared about him was Sharpay. She never judged him, even after he came out to her. It used to be that way with Ryan. They were the best of friends. Until one day in junior high when Ryan walked up to Troy and Sharpay and told them that he would no longer be hanging out with them. He told Troy that he never wanted to see or hear from him again and if Sharpay knew what was good for her, she would just leave with him and never speek to Troy again. Of course Sharpay yelled at Ryan and told him he was crazy, that Troy had never done anything to him. Ryan just turned and walked away. That was the last time Troy ever spoke to him. In all these years, he never could figure out what had made Ryan act the way he did. And neither did Sharpay.

"Hey, Troy! Over here! Your late! You were supposed to be at 3:30, not 3:34, where have you been?" Sharpay yelled at Troy. She hated it when he was late.

"So what? Its just 4 minutes? Its not that big of a deal. Not like I missed anything important while I was gone. Sometimes, Pay, I wonder who you would have been in another life. Someone who obsessed over every little thing. Maybe some type of stuck up princess who always dressed in PINK and bossed everyone around. Hey, maybe even an Ice Queen?" Troy knew just what buttons to push on Sharpay to get her going.


"Calm down, Pay. I'm just teasing ya. I know you would never be caught dead wearing pink. Plus, your just too nice to be mean to people." He knew he had to calm her down before she went crazy on him.

"Please, Troy. That is not something to joke about. Its like saying you were a star basketball player or something. Could you ever see that happening? Not in a million years."

"True, oh so true. Why would I ever want to do something like that. Anyway, are we here to play 'what if' or are we gonna work on our auditions? Wait, isn't that Gabriella chick supposed to be here? Where is she?"

"No clue. But if she knew how I felt about people being late, she wouldn't even temp it." She couldn't help it. She hated it when someone was late. It drove her crazy. She just hoped Gabriella had a good excuse for why she was late.

Little did they know that Gabriella had been on time. Just waiting outside the doors. She was too afraid to go in. Ryan was trying everything he could to get her to go in.

"Listen Gabi, you have no idea how much Sharpay hates it when people are late. She is sooo gonna freak out on you. So, please, just go in there to them. I have no idea why your so scared."

"You have no idea? Ryan, its Sharpay, isn't that enough of a reason to be scared? She doesn't like me. You know that."

"How do you know she doesn't like you? Has she ever said anything like that before? No and do you know why? Because she doesn't really know you. Now, march your cute little butt in there and get to work on you audition!"

"Awwww, Ryan, if I didn't know you were gay, I might just think you were hitting on me!"

"Sorry, Gabs, nothing but gay in here. I'm just stating a fact. You have a cute butt. But that's not the point. Your stalling. GO!"

"Fine, fine. I'm going....."

"Good, I'll call you later and find out how things went." Ryan was about to walk away, when he felt Gabi grab his arm and start pulling him along with her into the auditorium.

"Nope, sorry. Your going with me. Whether you like it or not, Sharpay is your sister and you know how I feel about you not spending any time with her anymore. Now, I may sound like your Mother, but you are going to go in there, sit down and act civial to her and Troy. Get it, got it, good." She knew she was pushing it, but she couldn't help it. It was time to put her plan into action. She just hoped Ryan wouldn't get too mad at her.

"Gabi, please no. They don't want me in there just as much as I don't want to be in there."

Just as Troy and Sharpay were about to get started, they heard a comotion coming from the far end of the room. When they turned around to see who was making all that noise, they were shocked to see Gabriella pulling a red faced Ryan into the room with her. They caught the end of what she was saying to him."......may sound like your Mother, but you are going to go in there, sit down and act civial to her and Troy. Get it, got it, good."

Sharpay looked at Troy only to see a faint blush rising in his cheeks. She had thought for a while now that Troy might have feelings for her brother. Although, she couldn't figure out why. Troy knew Ryan was the one calling all the shots when it came to his friends beating him up. She decided she would have to talk to him about it later. Righ now, she wanted to know why Gabriella was pulling Ryan along with her.

"Fine, Gabi, but you owe me. Big time!" Ryan couldn't believe Gabi was making him tag along with her. What was he supposed to do? Just sit around and watch while they sang a bunch of show tunes. He knew he was in for it.

"Ryan, what are you doing here?" Sharpay couldn't believe what she was seeing. He brother, the basketball star, being pushed around by this tiny little girl, like it was nothing.

"What does it look like I'm doing, Shar. Obviously, I'm being held here against my will." Ryan figured sarcasim was the best way to go.

"Ok, but what I meant was why are you here? That wasn't part of our deal!" It was out of her mouth before she knew what she was saying.

Troy looked at Sharpay like she had grown another head.

"What deal, Sharpay? What is your brother talking about?" If it was what Troy was thinking it was, Sharpay had alot of explaining to do.

 A/N: Well, there ya go. I thought I might leave you all with a cliffhanger of sorts. *evil grin* I already have the next chapter written! Its just waiting for me to post it! Yay me! So, if you guys want the next chapter soon, leave me a review and let me know. Anyway, let me know what you thought of the chapter. Good or bad, I just wanna know! Tootles! :)


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Charlottecharharkness on March 26th, 2008 10:32 pm (UTC)
Ok... I found it at FF.net :D

Was one of the best Tryan's i've ever read.
SPN_Dark_Angeldarkangel86_07 on March 27th, 2008 12:20 am (UTC)
So glad you found it! And just as happy that you liked it! :) Thanks so much for reading!
Charlottecharharkness on March 31st, 2008 02:18 pm (UTC)
:D thanks.
Thanks :D WOO.
Sorry, quite hyper.
And your icon... *swoons*